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Why Kickstarter


We have invested many programming hours and design hours (years, really!) in creating our technology platform, and we think it is the best in the world because it is flexible and technically robust, allowing us to virtually modernize language learning using a social platform, while adding games and other entertaining experiences.

Our accomplished technology team has created a virtual gateway, which uses mobile devices, PCs and MACs as the entry key; this multi-platform technology is completely custom built. Not only that, it is our proprietary design; there is no middleware behind our technology, so you can imagine the enormous amount of innovative work we have dedicated to this project.

Why did we choose Kickstarter? We wanted to create this virtual world as we think it should and must be.

We did not want to spend time fighting to attain venture capital at the beginning, which can be long and exhausting; instead, we wanted to spend our valuable time on ideation and creation.

We are convinced that once you create a learning platform that people gravitate to and enjoy, learning is facilitated. Since we want to spend our valuable time on ideation and creation, Kickstarter is the perfect place to seed our effort, allowing us to manage our talent resources in platform enhancement.

Thanks to crowd funding, it is possible to create our learning language game the way we want it: the way that we believe people want it, part entertainment, part social, part learning. Once we demonstrate that you like the product, we will investigate to see if we need more traditional investment to make it even better. There is no doubt in our minds that you will want to use our product to socialize and learn languages as much as we do.

Why we need your support


Although we have done a lot of work (80%), there are still some things left to do, such as creating the software modules that are needed to allow our solution to work with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. The servers are prepared, but we need to quickly process mobile devices that are not as powerful as PCs and MACs.

Other functionalities are easier to create but take time, such as funny animations synchronized with the environment, friends management (so you can always be together in the same scenario), and character customization. The avatar animation will allow your avatar to model the language and style of your conversation; that will help with the communication/mannerisms aspect of language learning.

The technology we love most is the multi-user quests; in fact, these learning quests require you to collaborate with other people to finish the quests, and in their native language! Really funny! If we reach our ultimate $300K goal, we will deliver this functionality in our first version. So, please, spread the word.

We also want to offer schools the opportunity to benefit from the unique learning style of Linguo Land, so, in Kickstarter, we have created a special pledge for them. They (or a donator) can acquire a free forever access for a school. Can you think of a deserving school?

Schools, universities and companies


We have a special Linguo Land features for schools and companies offering language training.
Contact us to know more about how to get a free for ever license for your students.

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