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The Project

The project

We specialize in creating serious games that use technology to help people master difficult concepts.

Virtway was in need of an instructional game designer who complemented our design objective. Simultaneously, Deborah (SillyMonkey) was in need of a strong programming team, skilled in blending instruction with technology. Together, we created an award winning 3D virtual learning system (voted best Serious Game for Companies in Fun&Serious International Game Festival 2011).

We are experts in virtual worlds and games technology, with 8 years experience, resulting in thousands of hours of combined programming and implementation know-how, and we have decided to put it together to support the learning of new languages, using the Virtway World virtual platform.

One of our first projects using Virtway World, was ViViWo. It is a virtual world designed to allow virtual social interaction amongst tourists, at beautiful locations throughout the world. It only requires you to use your IOs device or PC browser and you are ready to travel. Our technology passport is simple to use, devoid of cumbersome functionalities while realizing incredible 3D quality, multi-user features, free voice over IP and customizable content. You can download it for free on

Now, we want to build the next logical level for our software, applying our mobile device expertise and learning model to showcase exotic locations for learning new languages. We are designing a cool social experience where you can learn a language, or help others learn your native tongue, including local expressions, just like you were there. Additionally, we will design fun activities and events to help you break the ice.

This is innovation. We believe that the world actually needs this tool. Why? Because we need to talk.

Schools, universities and companies


We have a special Linguo Land features for schools and companies offering language training.
Contact us to know more about how to get a free for ever license for your students.

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